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Thermo steel Tiffin Container - Insulated Lunch Box

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  • THERMO LEGEND 4 LUNCH BOX: Stainless Steel Tiffen Box The complete set of 4 Thermo steel lunch boxes are made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel, approved to pack and preserve home-prepared mouthwatering delicacies.
  • ZERO WASTE LUNCH BOX: Tiffen Box for Section The essential set of lunch boxes comes in different variants to pack and after using then purchased spices at home and home-made delights in different weight.
  • LUNCH BOX STAINLESS STEEL CONTAINER: The cupcake shaped lunch boxes can be used like stainless steel spice-boxes to store spices and other kitchen delights.
  • TIFFIN BOXES STAINLESS STEEL INSULATED: The stainless steel container set is crafted in an elegant design that raises the traditional backdrop to your kitchen and dining table.
  • KIDS LUNCH BOX STAINLESS STEEL: The container set is also coated with thermo steel membrane to seal and preserve the temperature of food for a long time.

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