stainless steel dinner plates
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stainless steel dinner plates
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sectioned plates for adults

Stainless Steel Dinner Plates, Set of 6

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  • Size: 27x27x3 cm
  • Quantity: 6pcs
  • For healthy serving:  Stainless Ste el Dinner Plates - Set of 6 The Spice People is glad to introduce a set of 6 stainless steel dinner plates - Dimension of each plate (27 cm X 27 cm X 3 cm), specially crafted to make your special meal, brunch, lunch, breakfast, and dinner, happy and healthy. The complete set comes home with natural factors and aesthetic design to help you lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. Stainless Plates Dinner Plate - Set of 6
  • Workmanship: The tableware set is made of quality food grade thali set stainless steel and natural extracts, approved to store and serve foodstuff. Hence with the Spice people's Stainless steel plates, you can be sure about your health. Stainless Plates Dinner Plate - Set of 6
  • Craftsmanship: The stainless steel plates thali are designed in authentic south Indian style to decor your table with attractions and fill the home with happiness.
  • Environmental friendly: Our designers have manufactured the complete set of stainless steel dinner plates with natural extracts and chemical free essentials. It's all to let you celebrate every special meal and dinner environmental friendly and happier. Stainless Plates Dinner Plate - Set of 6
  • Durable by making: Since we used food grade quality stainless steel material for making the set of stainless steel dinner plates, you can forget about the durability. The complete set can be used for a longer term with proper post wash, after serving. 
  • Stainless Plates Dinner Plate - Set of 6

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