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Kids Lunch Box Stainless Steel
Square Shape Double Decker - The Spice People
Square Shape Double Decker - The Spice People
Square Shape Double Decker - The Spice People

Tiffin Box

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    • Tiffin Lunch Box: Kids lunch boxes / Tiffin Boxes with 2 compartments stainless steel Square Shape Double Decker. Tiffin Box measures 14.4x14.4x8 Cm in dimension, the tiffin box comes with enough storage space to fulfil your desired over food.
    • Tiffin Box Stainless Steel: Stainless Steel Food container made of food-grade stainless steel material for lunch pack, preserves freshness and retain the healthy state of food packed for a long time in Tiffin Box- Lunch Pack. 
    • Quality Tiffin Box: Square Shape Double Decker Lunch box / Tiffin Box, the complete set of a tiffin box is made durable, reliable eco friendly and user-friendly - Tiffin Box.
    • Easy to Store in Tiffin Box: The tiffin box is designed in a way to cope up your needs by maintaining the packed food conditions at all weather conditions - Tiffin Box.
    • Multipurpose Tiffin Box: The tiffin box can be used to store all eatables including dry fruits, spices, cookies and snacks, despite home-prepared food. Square shape double decker school lunch box.

Two Compartment Tiffin box:

  • The tiffin box is made in stainless steel measures 14.4x14.4x8 cm in dimension.
  • The Square Shaped Tiffin Box designed with two compartments.
  • The Tiffin Box / Lunch Box has a plate lock.
  • Tiffin Box / stainless steel lunch box has ample storage space to pack your desired food in Stainless Steel Lunch Box – Square shaped.
  • You can see better quality products – Square shaped Tiffin Box in Stainless Steel at The Spice People.
  • Two compartment tiffin box with plate lock.


Portable Tiffin Box:

  • The Tiffin Box is portable, user – friendly, compact & easy to store.
  • Handy square shaped lunch box / tiffin box is best choice for travelers, school & office goers.
  • The tiffin box stores your prepared food in fresh condition.
  • The tiffin box is double decker.
  • The tiffin box - Maintains the foods freshness and is safe for health as it is made in non- toxic material.
  • Portable tiffin box.


Multipurpose Tiffin Box:

  • The square shaped lunch box holds all your food items in two compartments - Tiffin Box.
  • The tiffin box is manufactured and guaranteed with leak proof.
  • The lunch box is a good companion.
  • Desire of our heart is to use the lunch box / Tiffin Box i.e. long lasting & durable - Tiffin Boxes.
  • You can buy tiffin boxes in reasonable price with never compromising quality stainless steel lunch boxes / Tiffin Boxes at the Spice People.


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