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Kids Lunch Box Stainless Steel
Square Shape Double Decker - The Spice People
Square Shape Double Decker - The Spice People
Square Shape Double Decker - The Spice People

Square Lunch Box

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    • Square Shape Double Decker Lunch Box: Kids lunch boxes with 2 compartments stainless steel Measuring 14.4x14.4x8 Cm in dimension, the lunch box comes with enough storage space to fulfil your desired over food.
    • Lunch Box Stainless Steel: Stainless Steel Food container made of food-grade stainless steel material for lunch pack, preserves freshness and retain the healthy state of food packed for a long time - Lunch Pack. 
    • Quality: Square Shape Double Decker Lunch box, the complete set of a tiffin box is made durable, reliable eco friendly and user-friendly.
    • Easy to Store: The tiffin box is designed in a way to cope up your needs by maintaining the packed food conditions at all weather conditions - Square Lunch Box.
    • Multipurpose: The lunch box can be used to store all eatables including dry fruits, spices, cookies and snacks, despite home-prepared food. Square shape double decker school lunch box.


Two Compartment Lunch box:

The Lunch box is made in stainless steel measuring 14.4x14.4x8 cm in dimension. The Square Lunch Box designed with two compartments. The Square Lunch Box has a plate lock and stainless steel lunch box has ample storage space to pack your desired food in Stainless Steel Lunch Box – Square shaped. You can see better quality products – Square Lunch Box in Stainless Steel at The Spice People.



Portable Square Lunch Box:

The Square Lunch Box is portable, user – friendly, compact & easy to store. Handy square lunch box is best choice for travelers, school & office goers. The square lunch box stores your prepared food in fresh condition. The square lunch is double decker. Maintains the foods freshness and is safe for health as it is made in non- toxic material.



Multipurpose Lunch Box:

The square lunch box holds all your food items in two compartments. The square lunch box is manufactured and guaranteed with leak proof. The square lunch is a good companion. Our desire of our heart is to use the square lunch box – long lasting & durable. You can buy in reasonable price with never compromising quality stainless steel lunch boxes at the Spice People.


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