Why SPICE PEOPLE products?

Quality comes as the top priority to many, when purchasing a product. At SPICE PEOPLE, We have four major QC Check Points that are laid out as follows:

  • Raw Material Acquiring: All raw materials are inspected against standard specifications before use.
  • Aesthetics Check: To assure finish, accurate color & designs of the products.
  • Product Performance: Testing of its performance against standard claims.
  • Reliability Test: This is the final test done to assure long life, durability and sustainability of the product and its functionality.


What kind of stainless steel is used in your prodcuts?

Our products are made of Premium Quality 100% Food-Grade Stainless Steel.We utilize just the most DURABLE tempered steel that has been Specifically-Engineered for Food.

Is it all the bento boxes are leak proof boxes?

No, some of the bento lunch boxes are not leak proof. It cannot be used to carry gravy or liquids. Useful only to pack and carry dry food items.

How do I wash my stainless steel food containers?

With hot foamy water and cleanser - or in the dishwasher! Try not to utilize bleach, unforgiving synthetics, grating chemicals or cushions. With appropriate consideration and cleaning, your tempered steel lunchboxes might be utilized for quite a long time and years to come.

Do you ship internationally and what are your shipping options?

No, Currently we didn't ship internationally. Our shipping countries are USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

We are using the following shipping options: USPS, UPS, DHL, RoyalMail.

How can I Track my order?

You can track your order using Tracking number, use "TRACK ORDER" page in Our Site (It can be found in Navigation Menu) and add track number to find the status of your order.



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