Stainless Steel Containers


              DESIGN OF STAINLESS STEEL CONTAINERS - The Stainless Steel Containers / stainless steel lunch box is designed in a way to cope up your needs by maintaining the packed food conditions at all weather conditions. The stainless steel bento box - stainless steel containers can be used to store all eatables including dry fruits, spices, cookies, and snacks, despite home prepared food. 
              CONVENIENCE  STAINLESS STEEL CONTAINERS- The size of the stainless steel containers / kitchen accessory products is just what you need. The stainless steel containers -products preserve the freshness and stainless steel containers retain the nutrition. User-friendly and corrosion resistant stainless steel containers / stainless steel lunch boxes.
              HEALTHY STAINLESS STEEL CONTAINERS- Stainless steel containers not just regulates the calories but stainless steel containers helps in consuming a balanced diet we all need. Hence with the Spice people's Stainless steel containers - Products, you can be sure about your health.  

Why Stainless Steel is Best for Food Caring?

  • Food is the most important part of our daily lives and we go to any length to ensure what we consume is fresh and hygienic. Therefore, the most important and primary use of these stainless steel lunch boxes / stainless steel containers are for carrying and storing food, fruits and vegetables in stainless steel containers and the stainless steel containers also keep the greens fresh and crunchy for a longer period.
  • Hence stainless steel containers are best choice for food caring.

These stainless steel containers are made of:

      • Food grade stainless steel containers,
      • Stainless steel containers with different compartments,
      • Stainless steel containers in various sizes,
      • Classic Designed - stainless steel containers,
      • Elegant stainless steel containers and
      • Lightweight - stainless steel containers.

Convenient Usage - Stainless Steel Containers:

  • Reusable stainless steel lunch boxes / stainless steel containers are easy to carry and useful for storage as well.
  • The common one sporting the shelves is the bento lunch boxes / stainless steel containers.
  • Stainless steel containers are basically the multi compartment boxes.
  • Stainless steel containers helps to create a variety in your lunch boxes -Stainless Steel Containers.
  • Stainless steel containers are convenient for usage. 

Multipurpose Stainless Steel Containers:

  • Besides being used as a stainless steel lunch boxes / stainless steel containers, these stainless steel containers can be used for a host of other purposes.
  • Stainless steel containers are as well as used as storage boxes.
  • Stainless steel containers has multipurpose usage in lunch pack.

Durable Stainless Steel Containers:

  • Stainless steel containers are made with food grade stainless steel material-lunch boxes / stainless steel containers.
  • The one & two tier lunch boxes / stainless steel containers have a plate lock for safety to caring food.
  • Stainless steel containers are durable.

Why Should We Use Eco-Friendly Stainless Steel Products?

  • Did you know toxic metals like Polypropylene and lead used in manufacturing plastic Lunch boxes leach out and contaminate the food stuffs we carry in them. When lunch boxes and bottles are exposed to heat, chemicals can leach out of the plastic and cause exposures to children through skin contact, inhalation or ingestion. Also the non-biodegradable and impervious nature of plastics, if disposed in the soil, they could arrest the recharging of ground water aquifers - Stainless Steel Containers.
  • The single use plastics are a huge threat to the environment. Each time it is discarded after use it keeps accumulating and continues to choke the earth. According to a report, by 2050 plastic will be responsible for up to 13% of the total carbon budget.
  • Hence the Stainless Steel Containers are the best choice to use.
  • Using eco-friendly Stainless Steel containers - products is not a fad. Usage of stainless steel containers is a way of life which sooner or later will be adopted by all. There will be no option but to imbibe these miraculous products - stainless steel containers into our daily lives to restore the environmental balance – Stainless Steel Containers.
  • Being non-degradable & 100% recyclable these Stainless steel containers - products will help us to improve the quality of the land.
  • Stainless steel containers prevent water contamination.
  • And conserve biodiversity - Stainless Steel Containers. 
  • Hence we use Eco-Friendly Stainless Steel Containers at The Spice People.



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