Lunch Time with Stainless Steel and Friends in School

I remember carrying my tiffin in plastic boxes with my favorite cartoon character on it. They must have been cheaper since as kids we would keep receiving plastic tiffin boxes for birthdays, as return gifts and on different occasions. Owning them in different colors and carrying a different one to school each time was quite an event for us back in those days.

Stainless steel lunch boxCut to recent times, when all that plastic love is catching up with us and the environment, we are living in.

And slowly and steadily the demand for stainless steel is coming back to the markets as the next best alternative.

The reason I say coming back is because our parent’s generation would carry stainless steel lunch boxes which we didn’t consider very fashionable.

Not anymore with the stylish and range of stainless-steel tiffin boxes flooding the markets today, you will have a difficult time making your pick.

The common one sporting the shelves are the bento lunch boxes. This is basically the multicompartment boxes which helps to create a variety in your lunch boxes.

Instead of one heavy snack, the box can carry one small snack and one meal. Did you know that the term bento originates from Japan which was referred to a packed meal?

The word bento means a Japanese-style packed lunch, consisting of items as rice, vegetables, and sashimi.

Today these boxes are widespread in schools, office spaces, and homes alike. I find them as a good option to keep my leftovers as well. 

Instead of two separate boxes, here I can store two food items in one compact box. Sometimes when the leftovers are in different boxes, I often lose track of what’s hiding inside the fridge.

Unlike the olden times, the lunch boxes come in different shapes. I remember seeing them specifically in rectangular shapes. Squares, circles, heart shaped – you name it and you will find it.


The awareness with regards to the use of plastic has passed onto the school goers as well who themselves want to opt for stainless-steel tiffin boxes.

It’s odor-free, easy to maintain, sturdy and looks good. Most importantly you know that the food is safe, and we are doing our small bit and not adding to the degrading environment.

Isn’t that a relief? We all want our peers to know that we are aware of our surroundings and the choices we make in our daily lives.

stainless steel lunch boxes with containers

I love the heart shaped one particularly. They look sleek and are so compact.

Heart shaped stainless steel lunch box

It’s easy to slide it in the backpacks. The best part is they are leakproof too, so I don’t need to pack them again in separate bags to prevent spillage.

Besides the meal or the heavy snack in one compartment, I always love the fact that I can pack in the fruits, almonds or sometimes a treat too in the other compartment.

They don’t get mixed up even when the backpacks have swayed around. The variety packed in one small box brings back a happy well-fed family back home at the end of the day.

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