You don't just "pack a lunch" You pack your "love"!

Over other materials stainless steel Lunch boxes have innumerable benefits such as 100% recyclable, sturdy, eco-friendly, non-toxic, cost-effective, hygienic and long lasting. Plastic free tiffin boxes are biodegradable and lasts your food in fresh, hot & hygiene. But the plastic tiffin boxes are toxic, non-biodegradable and cause numerous health problems to human health. As plastic containers contains/made of chemicals such as BPA, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, polycarbonate, etc. these might cause plastic smell on the food that we packed after a long time.

Now-a-days in market, the stainless steel tiffin boxes are available in different shapes, in different sizes, also with varieties of compartments –attractive stainless steel tiffin box varieties specially made for kids, school and office goers. These stainless steel tiffin boxes maintain your diet, as you can plan & place all your garnishes/ meals/snacks for your loved ones in healthy stainless steel lunch pack.

These boxes will contain all your food ingredients .These tiffin boxes don’t react to acids & completely safe to human health. It’s durable, leak-proof and airtight containers using silicone seals and locking clips, thus improving their usability. Stainless steel can be endlessly recycled and it is 100% recycled without loss of purity of quality. But this purity of quality can’t be seen in plastic tiffin boxes.

Moreover stainless steel tiffin boxes does not harbour the growth of bacteria due to its smooth, compact & non-porous quality, whereas plastic are ubiquitous everywhere which pose an equal health hazards to it.

People are now-a-days cautious in their families health and moving towards the non-toxic products. Stainless steel tiffin boxes are the most preferred and likely shopped by people all over the world. So love you pack for your loved ones should be more trust worthy. Hence what for you are still waiting? Shop the stainless steel tiffin boxes at The Spice People!

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