Butter It Up!

   Breakfasts are supposed to be the most important meal of the day. They say you should have your breakfast like a king. Though very cliché and repetitive, for me breakfast is not complete unless there is butter. So much so that butter is synonymous with breakfast. Some people store the butter in the fridge while some leave it in air-tight butter containers. Though butter tastes best when left at room temperature and becomes easier to spread too, sometimes I end up buying bigger blocks of butter and then I am not very sure if I should leave it without refrigeration. So off late I started storing the butter in the fridge. And inevitably I forget to take it out when I wake up in the morning. Butter directly from the fridge is quite an upsetting thing.

I have switched to the comparatively smaller slabs of butter now and store them in airtight steel butter holders. I have set reminders on my phone for refilling the butter so that I don’t run out of it. Now I look forward to my breakfasts where I can happily spread across evenly the butter and enjoy its taste to the fullest. Happy Mornings, Happy Me!

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