All that Glitters is not Gold… Sometimes it is Stainless Steel Too

Some sayings never lose their relevance like the quintessential proverb – Old is Gold. Similarly, some things too, are evergreen. With the microwave coming in and with all the instant heating, stainless steel was losing its presence in many households.

Most households relied on microwave safe utensils. But with the prevalent ill effects of plastic around the globe, people are looking for safe alternatives.

While microwave and instant heating continues to be a regular affair everywhere, people are switching over to glass utensils for heating purposes.

But that is largely restricted to the microwave.

For the everyday purposes, stainless steel is back in all its glory. They are far more long lasting and easy to handle on a regular basis.

Your food remains healthy in any stainless utensil as it is rust free. Whether the leftovers or the tiffin, the food in stainless steel retains the taste and flavor as cooked.  

We all cook with so much love, care and affection for our loved ones but many of us are unaware of the chemicals that are released in certain utensils while they are exposed to heat.

Stainless steel is free of any such chemical reaction which ensures that the nutrition your family needs is preserved in the food you cook.

The kitchen is the soul of the house and we all like it when the vessels look clean and shiny.

I am all for the stainless-steel range of products as when neatly stacked or lined, the shine adds to the overall cleanliness and aura of my house.

No matter how I use the vessels, once it is cleaned, the shine is back in no time. Cleaning the vessel is absolutely a hassle free.

Working around in the kitchen is a time when I am always running between chores and it is almost impossible for me to be careful while handling the vessels.

So many pretty looking glass utensils have slipped off my wet hurried hands while working. This was one of the main reasons why I switched to the good old stainless-steel utensils.

Besides the kitchen, I have extended the use of stainless steel to our lunch boxes too.

Being non-toxic and non-reactive in nature, I am happy to pack our lunches in these boxes available in different shapes and sizes.

The additional layer helps me pack the fruits or an extra snack as well. For my toddler, it is the best option as she is very comfortable handling it herself.

Recently when her school observed no plastic week and requested all parents to reduce as much plastic as possible in their school bags, I was one happy parent to have packed her lunch in the stainless-steel box.

Some might feel it is a little expensive, but in the long run, it is less expensive owing to its durability and most importantly health and environmental benefits.

The globe is grappling with chemicals, plastic and what not. Why add to the chaos? The choice is simple, effective and worry free.

It will take me some time to overhaul my entire kitchen range, but I am at it and gradually I hope to shine brighter with the sheen that the stainless-steel range will bring with it.

Keep shining 😊

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