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The Different Types of Business Phone Systems

A phone system is a communication system that provides for ease of receiving and passing of information. However, not all phone systems are the same. Business phone systems in particular are different because they are multiline phone systems that allow for many phone conversations at any given time. This does not mean several phone lines but rather a single phone line controlled through a central point.

There are different types of business phone systems. While some are just appropriate for small businesses, others are designed for use by large businesses including corporations. These systems have different features that enhance their functionality.

There is the basic business phone system whose main feature is the copper wire that connects to a telephone network. A basic phone system can also be digital. This type of phone system is installed in a business premises and provides for phone calls, voicemail and the ability to transfer phone calls within a business’ offices. This type of phone system is gradually becoming unused, thanks to digital phone systems.

Digital business phone systems turn out to be the most common. Used by both small and large businesses, digital phone systems provide for making of calls over the Internet (VOIP). Because they rely on broadband connection, installation of physical hardware and associated software is necessary.

A hosted phone system is the other type of phone system used by both small and large businesses. It is a pay service provided by various Internet Telephony Service Providers and is accessible through the Internet. It provides for many features compared to the other types of business phone systems.

A Guide to Chosing the Best Business Phone System

A business phone system is a necessity for any type or form of business regardless of size. However, all business phone systems do not suite all businesses. Indeed, there are different types of business phone systems around and the choice of the best system depends on size of a business, form of business and nature of a business.

The basic business phone system, which is commonly referred to as key system unit (KSU) still remains one of the best business phone systems for small businesses including home-based business. Although it is limited in terms of features, it provides for transfer of calls, call forwarding and voicemail. These are certainly the basic features that a small business can do with as it grows.

A KSU phone system can certainly not be the best phone system for a large business. This is because such a business most likely receives many phone calls, faxes, emails and voicemail. A private Branch Exchange (PBX) is the best phone system for such a business. Otherwise commonly referred to as the switchboard phone system, the phone system provides for enhanced features including the ability to handle individual voicemail, automated routing of calls to individual extensions, call transfer, call logging and computer integration.

Virtual phone systems are the other best business phone systems for large businesses. Indeed, they are the best phone systems for large businesses with branches at different locations. In addition to all that a PBX phone system provides for, virtual phone systems can also use Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) to provide for video conferencing and document sharing among other functionalities.


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